Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]


Oh thank you for explaining :blush: I see you would like to try resolve matters peacefully and with reason. I am glad seeing your ideas, though I am not sure how it will go, but here is your group


Thanks T1!


Thank you :D




People might get tagged a lot to funny DB comments

DB said he wanted a tag list anyways :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:





Hi Gobli :slight_smile: I see you all must want to have fun but sorry I can't create groups that might be too off-topic


Here you go :slight_smile:


Hi Anonymous, oh is this for a related club? About PMs, I can only create those for private concerns or sharing collab account details (which are closed after the login details have been shared).


Thank you X33


(It says that the post is empty so imma just add this)


Yeah we were thinking of maybe redoing the riddle competitions and stuff
Both forum and hs

And k nvm


@t1_hopscotch actually dont make the group yet

were still recruiting and deciding


@CANDYMEADOW and @Lisa1045 sorry about this but I wasn't sure — are these tag lists for friends for example? :relaxed:


Okay now could you please create this group thanks is you can @t1_hopscotch
I was not sure what you meant by tag lists for friends for example?
I've deleted the old reply in case you couldn't understand it.
Thanks t1


Thanks! @t1_hopscotch.




@t1_hopscotch updated


Off topic but wow you have an hopscotch email.

are you a part of tht now? xD