Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]


Hi WhiteFeathers, here's the group :smiley:


Thanks @Elemental_Cat and @WynterDiamond, here is the cypher group :blush:


Thank you!


Wow, @t1_hopscotch, I'm impressed! You're doing a really great job moderating, creating groups, starting PMs, etc. I'd go insane if I had to keep track of and run that many things. :sweat_smile:


Hi @Hermione and @Gobli09 :smile: were you thinking about making a group still? I'm not sure if it would be best to create a group for this but hmm :thinking:


Not me, since WynterDiamond already created another Collab


Hi! @Gobli09 was supposed to be a secondary owner of the Hopscotch Cipher Group, but was not added as one. Could you please add her as one now? Thank you :wink:


Oh okay I see, sorry about that and thank you for letting me know! I'll do that now.


Thanks @t1_hopscotch and @WynterDiamond ! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


As gobli said, thank you!


I would like a custom group.

EDIT: @t1_hopscotch


Thank you! :D
Just testing it out...


It's fine, I didn't need it right away :smiley:


Thank you!!


Hey, t1! Sorry to bother you with another group, but I thought it was a cool idea.



My art tag list so far


Hi @The_Crafty_Painter thank you for the request, and I see there must be people eager to stop hacking, which I think is lovely.

Hmm, from hacking incidents in the past though, it's usually better to advise people to focus on going back to creating again, rather than giving more attention to the trouble, and more often, blaming results in people being hurt. I would be happy to create the group, but I'm just worried about that. Can I ask what sort of things the group plans to help with? :relaxed:


Hi OnceUponATime, and no worries! Here's the group


Hi CatWithABrush, here you go


The group aims to helping people who have had their accounts hacked and no longer have much control over it. Even if it is on a different website, the group (currently only on Roblox) is filled with hackers who don't hack for no reason. But if a server was getting hacked they would try and stop them. This has had an 80% success rate over 20 servers. This group for Hopscotch will post projects on Hopscotch aimed at the hacked account trying to 'negotiate' with them and tell them why they should stop as it hurts the real owner's reputation.

Our Motto:
While There Will Always Be Hackers.
There Will Always Be Us.