Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]


can i make a group?


Is anyone still making groups?


Thanks a ton! I hope you see this!



I doubt these are made anymore.


My post is not empty
And it has 20 characters


I don’t think groups can be made anymore sorry dude D:


hi logan! your post was flagged, which means that someone found it inappropriate I guess? I’m sorry you had to get flagged, it’s really annoying D:
maybe if you don’t want to get flagged, try to act a bit nicer on the forum I guess?.. I think you’re pretty nice :D


I’m actually looking for who did that so I can get them back
So if u know pm me plz


Wait so o don’t have to look can u quote the entire set of guidelines


you can’t pm people on the forum and flagging is anonymous
also, it’s not a big deal, people get flagged all the time
here are the community guidelines:


I would like a special group of my own! Call it @CVAC.


Hi t1! Are groups still available? If so, can I please have one for my new art club? Thanks!


I don’t really think so. I know that I’m not t1, but she officially quit as a leader here on the forum to help THT (The Hopscotch Team) with other things regarding Hopscotch.


We can’t make tag lists anymore?


Wow I though yiu knew everything *sarcasm
of horse not


I don’t think you’ll get one.
If you do, I’ll be in it.
You could ask Ana, I think she could do it


@Ana, @hopscotch-curators, are custom groups ever coming back?


probably not but let’s tag them again @Ana @hopscotch-curators


Sorry, we don’t do anything on the forum, just featuring on the Hopscotch app.