Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]


Yeah that gives me something to add in the top post actually!

What can you do with a group? Tag one group @name instead of >1 @names

Here is the group :smile:


Hi Dylan329! Glad to see you here :smile:

Is @Dolphin_coders okay with being a group owner? :smiley: just to check! I will add if yes :blush:

In this case yes :upside_down: I had seen it as a feature for the forum and thought it might be useful!

And here is your group


Hi WynterDiamond! Here is the group:

And no problem!
I think I will try to make the form easier to fill in too :thinking:

@Jojo great avatar for HAB!


Awesome, here we go!

Also everyone let me know if I accidentally missed out on some group settings or anything! e.g. forgot to put a group owner, forgot to add members, forgot to set for everyone to tag it... yep :sweat_smile:


Thank you :smiley:

@Dolphin_coders do you want to be a group owner?


Form for custom groups:

Groups for collabs/clubs on the forum are okay, and for updates on projects etc.

  • Group (full) name:

  • Group tag @name:
    no apostrophes or spaces

  • Any group owners?
    (group owners can add/remove people, edit settings for the group)

  • Set the group so that members can join and leave freely?


  • Would you like a description for the group?
    If so, include here (Group owners or I can update this whenever you like)

  • Any users to be added so far?
    I can paste in existing lists. Make sure people have consented to being in the list previously.

Just let me know about any concerns.

For group owners:

  • Please make sure you have people's consent before adding them :smiley:
  • If you see the option to turn on membership requests, a note that they don't work for this forum
  • You can edit settings e.g. group whole name, description, group avatar/colour etc
  • I can understand people want to have bit of fun :slight_smile: but if anything gets too out of hand, we'll have to set your group to have no owner and you can just ask me to edit settings instead

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Thanks senpai!


Your welcome :D


Wow! Thanks a lot @t1_hopscotch! You're very busy!


Okay! I have been enjoying being a part of this test!


Thanks you very much!


Oh my gosh, thank you soooo much! I really appreciate you making this for me!


@t1_hopscotch thank you so much!!!!


Hi. Thank you for doing this! I have one question now. I would like to add a co-leader, but I'm not sure how that would work. If you can tell me, that would be great! Thank you. :wink:


Cool! Thanks so much! Again! ^^


Ok! :DDD (Sorry for late reply)


It's ok


Thanks for the form, shamrockcat, awesome! I'll get back to you when it's ready :blush:

@shamrockcat okay it's ready :smile:

Hi WynterDiamond :smile: I can set another group owner for you (yeah unfortunately the only way to do it is from admin), you just need to tell me their username :smiley: And they will have the same settings that you have, with being able to add/remove people etc.

And okay cool :smile: I will make @Dolphin_coders a group owner of @Dylan329's tag list

And thanks everyone, it's a pleasure!!


I'll make another one, if that's ok... I'll use it for challenges n all...


Sure! I'll have to get back to it later today though :relaxed: