Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]


What groups can be used for

  • coding clubs
  • coding collabs
  • updates on projects, or beta testing
  • on-topic subjects (e.g. CodeHelp — help with code, UIM/Update Idea Maker — ideas for Hopscotch, TheThirdDimension — ideas on 3D projects)

Request Group

Fill form here. Moving the form to a separate post hopefully makes it easier for quoting:

To visit the groups page:

  • Type one group @name rather than many individual tags!
  • Saves having to copy a whole list of names
  • Easier to update the group
  • You can still add/remove yourself
  • The group count is done automatically
  • Saves confusion on using older versions of a tag list
  • Don’t have to scroll past whole tag list of @names in quoted posts/wikis
  • Can put a description for the group
Feature suggestions for groups

Feature suggestions for groups:

  • notifications to group owners for when someone joins/leaves ~ @Houseelf87
  • settings so people can set groups to require permission for joining but allowing leaving freely ~ @Mr.rex

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The OMTL. Definitely the OMTL. It would make it way easier, and people can't add other things other than themselves.


Yeah i was definitely thinking about the OMTL XD

Imagine just going like @OMTL and that would be all you need to do.


I would need to double-check on the groups feature, yeah to make sure people can only add/remove themselves too.


But then again, I've heard that tagging trust levels don't actually work, like @trust_level_2 doesn't actually do anything.


Yeah I noticed too, I don't get notifications for @moderators unfortunately... :thinking:


So, would that mean that @OMTL wouldn't work as well?


Hmmm I was thinking that they'd get notifications for it, but either it doesn't work that way or notifications might be off or something... This is a good point, I hadn't realised with other groups.


It could be that, but the feature does exactly what it needs to. It shows a list of people and the recent posts that the people in the group have made.


:smile: yeah that is true in that regard. I think it might be a bit of an extra step too much for people but it is helpful.

I have an idea – we could do a test group first? :smiley:


Sure! Just make it @test and include me in it.


I see it! @test_group


Trying out test group: @test_group (groups can be deleted, so all good.)

It comes up with a message saying "by mentioning test_group, you're about to notify 2 people – are you sure?" which is a good sign so far...


Yeah! On mine it does that too! So let's copy over the OMTL? Or should we get permission first?


I see the notification from your post, I think... I was on the same topic at the same time XD to be sure, we could try it in a separate topic :smiley: I can do it from my general (or you too if you would like!)


Yeah we can tag the OMTL to ask :smiley:
I know of other groups too e.g. the maths tag list as well!

@TheRealBlah Let's check adding/removing ourselves...


Why do I feel like this is the first time you said XD? XD

(because you always use emoji emotes like :smiley: but you don't use :D often)

Should there be Artists and Writers? :P


Yep, that works like intended to as well! Sweet!


However if you do go into the groups section and click on test group, it says "messages". Probably not a good sign.
EDIT: on your profile it says that your in test group!


:joy: I think I've slipped some around the forum before, and definitely about me overusing emojis :laughing: (internet communication is more confusing though... But also I do like using them — anyway whoops! I'm going on for too much :stuck_out_tongue:)

And yes indeed with other tag groups!! :smiley: If people would like any to be set up, it looks like they just need to let me know.