Request 4 artists!


Yo fellow Hopscotcher artists!! My Hopscotch app is crashing every time I get on it...don't worry, it'll b fixed by tomorrow!! :smile: Anyway, I have a request for any artist who can get onto Hopscotch......

Skin Color: Tan peach
Hair color: Light brown, light green tips
Hair Length: Up to my chest
Eye Color: Brown, flacked with stunning dark green
Eyelash length: Long
Mouth: Big, big smile. (Teeth or no teeth, your choice)
Cheeks: Blushing, high cheekbones
Shirt color: Green
Shirt style: Quarter length, v-neck, black leather belt at stomach
Pant color: Jeans or yellow sweatpants
Shoes: Neon yellow sneakers

Thank you! After you draw, do you mind showing it on the forum so I can see? And also, if you want to draw me anime or chibi, you don't have to add specific details.

THANK YA'LL SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


I am no artist...


Hey, it may be a stick man, but if my sis can draw, compared to you, yours is a masterpiece.:wink: And I accept the drawing, it's better than nothing.:blush: