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My general topic!
Full stop(.)


So why do you like HS?


Because it is coding fun!







Omg! why the dank memes?!


@ReptileKing, I think that you should made another Hopscotchers Count To 1,000,000 topic!:wink:


I would @StarryDream !
Except it would just get closed by @Gilbert189.
So no I won't make another one. If you could help me think of a way to make it hopscotch related we could continue but I haven't thought of anything.


Maybe let people draw the numbers on a hop drawing pad?


That is such a brilliant idea @StarryDream !!!!!!!!!!!
@Gilbert189 what do you think about that. Do you think it is a good idea?
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: run out of likes:(


We could link the count to 1,000,000 up with this topic because it might be a bit harder to write the numbers and people might not be bothered to post a lot of numbers.


It still seems a bit spammy, it's like saying if you talk about Minecraft by posting pictures of your conversation on the drawing pad then it's related.


Yea, thats a fair point. :disappointed:


Just take my idea and consider.:no_mouth:
Plz, I really leike the counting topic


Related in some way, I think…
(No offence!)


Personally, I just think using a drawing pad isn't related enough. If you code it, maybe. But not just a drawing pad where you can easily find one and write on.


Oh well…




I want da counteen topeek…