Reposting as your own! GRRR


Lately on hopscotch, I was working on my Minecraft HE program, and I noticed someone had remixed my project. I was curious to what this person had done with my program. Turns out all they did was rebrand my program as theirs! I don't know if I'm the only one, but I seriously hate the remixing function. It sounds good at first but it really is just a way for people to steal your projects.


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I know right? Someone once remixed my project and stole all the credit! I'm also very annoyed and wish I never made the random name generator because people are always remixing it and changing the names. It's clogging up my remixes tab :cry:


This is extremely annoying, it happens to me sometimes. We should be able to choose if our project can be remixed if you want!

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That's happened to me before also.
Either try to ignore it,
Or politely tell them to give your credit, but don't lash out, that makes them angry and they probably won't give you the credit you deserve.


I'm sorry. D:
If you want, you can nicely ask that person for credit, but that might give the attention they want.
Either way, take it as a compliment! That person liked your project so much they wanted it to be theirs! :slight_smile:


This happens to me and MY OWN REAL LIFE FRIENDS do this and I am really sick of it.


That is an awesome idea!!!!! @Liza @asha @alish @system and THT DO THIS!!!!!!! If you think it's good ;D


Report it?
Idk.... Maybe tell them not to?
There is always the thingy on top, so people know that they remixed.


Remixing has been, and always will be an integral part of Hopscotch. It's ALL about being able to jump off of people's work. This is just a bad side effect. Why get worked up about it thought? There's always going to be copiers. You just gotta not give them attention and they'll move on.


It wasn't just a small part of my project though. It was the ENTIRE PROJECT! And not just that, they are a hopscotcher who has loads of followers, and their projects get tons of views. People will assume the game is his


Yeah, but they have way more followers and get way more views on their games. People will assume it is his


It was the entire project, except for where it said my username. I have been putting hours into making this game and I don't want people saying its theirs


Ha...ha...trying to laugh off the pain. It happens so much to me that I just don't care anymore. They never even get the attention they seek for my work, so no harm done, really.


Use the hidden credit trick.