Report Unfairly Featured Projects Here [Official]



okay so this project was just featured but it’s a copy.

Here’s the original

This isn’t so fair so could the copied project get taken down?

Sorry my writing isn’t so professional lol


Yes that’s true u r correcf


why thank you kind sir


How did you figure it out so quickly?
this was copied and is on featured and my ice cream maker isn’t?? They’re literally the same project! ABSURD!! jk I don’t care


Ah because I knew I played it before
So I just found it and traced it back to the original


I just noticed the new like animation but yeah take it off of featured and put it on trending or something.


Oh wait it is trending


What new animation? And yeah when adding something still need to give cred to someone who did 95% of the work lol


Oh yeah somebody copied my minigolf game and it had gotten on featured one time. I wasn’t not happy, I don’t imagine the person with the original project feels good about it. I hope it’s taken down.


I thought projects aren’t supposed to be in those two categories at once…


It got taken off so I guess it got on trending after. Since it was on featured it was unfairly given enough attention to get on trending.


y know if you like, it outlines the heart in red and then does this grow shrink thing. that


Thanks for letting everyone know! I hope the curators will soon see this message and get to the bottom of it!


@omtl @pomtl @Liza @hopscotch-curators I’m pretty sure I found another one.

BumpSplat is the original creator of this game. There was not really an “idea” from telletubbies. The original creator did 95 percent of the work.

Earliest: 12 weeks ago (original creator)

Earliest: 1 week ago (fake copier)


This is really disappointing… I see how this stuff can fall through the cracks, but I’m getting kinda upset that this occurs repeatedly.


Nice catch

@Madi_Hopscotch_ @SmileyAlyssa just making sure you see this


Thanks for pointing this out. I’m sure that @hopscotch-curators will look at this as soon as possible. Maybe THT could add like an automatic function/filter for this in the future? It would just tell THT and @hopscotch-curators that the project potentially is a duplicate when they look at it at their interface for viewing projects.


Thanks for letting us know, the project has been removed! :slight_smile:


This does happen sometimes unfortunately, so why not make an official topic for reporting duplicated projects on Featured?


That would be amazing