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Use this project to report that bad things.

hi I am artandstuffcollab and like the usernam says I am hoping to hav peple help me and make art caan anybodee help
the usernam is artandstuffcollab and so is the pasword


That's an example.



yeah I already flagged that one, I think they just signed up and didn't see everybody else's topics on the hacker :\


Thank you for telling me that.

I can see you have been very helpful to Hopscotch. Keep up the good work!


:frowning: thats my acount it did the 20 thing again?


thank you! 202020202020202020


@DrTimeTravelLive I'm really glad you want to help keep the community safe :smile:

But I think it's better if you tell people nicely about their post in the same discussion that they made the post. It's just that reporting things like this might make people feel bad. Or you can just flag the post privately too and the moderators will deal with it.

And I think @artandstuffcollab's post was okay as they were just asking for help in a collab :smiley:


yeah let's all just approach this in a slightly more civilized manner, sorry about jumping on the topic so quickly though, I'm just a little on edge from all the reports of hacking


It's completely okay @justanerd :smile:


Same here. I agree with justnerd. I'm sorry. I have to write an apology to artsandstuffcolab immediately.


I'm sorry artsandstuffcolab for thinking you did wrong. It's just that you shouldn't share your password on the forums, because there is a hacker going around taking over people's accounts! But still, I owe you an apology for my wrong. Do you accept it?


yes, and what is this 20 think?


That is completely okay @DrTimeTravelLive :smile: I appreciate it so much that you're offering an apology to artandstuffcollab <3


I don't know. The 20 letter minimum thing? You just wrote it to pass the minimum limit?


The "Post must be at least 20 characters" is telling you that your post just needs to be longer before you can reply :smiley:


you have to type 20 characters to send a message, most people end thier short phrases with 20202020202020 though, just to fill up the character slots, and yes this is off topic, but I'm just answering a question


Oh, okay. Just confused why it is there.

Read on some post that they were sharing which country they live in. Is that okay?


okay 20202020020202020


it workd! 202020202020


It's totally okay to answer a question @justanerd and really nice of you in fact :smile:

You can read more about the 20 character rule here and I've shared some other ways instead of filling up your post with "202020202020202020" :wink:


No, it's okay. 20202020202020 :expressionless: There goes the filling up space thing.