Reply/Post Number near Time Elapsed When Post is Posted

Here: I don’t know if someone else suggested this already; but the scroller is misleading. Let’s say that you are in 312/452, and you don’t know which reply is 312, as you see two replies (or posts) in 312/452.

How can this improve Hopscotch? // Uhm… I don’t know… It just annoys me that I can’t somehow see the number of the post… and maybe, you can tell how many replies are between a post and another post.

Hear: I know that there’s a way for you to learn what number the post is, but I don’t want clicking too many times on that share button.

Also, sorry for the picture context, I just realized this suggestion when I was in that topic


I agree! The reply numbers can be a bit confusing sometimes. I think the scroller shows the number of the post that is currently in the middle of the screen if that makes sense.


Yeah, I sometimes find it pretty hard to scroll and locate posts.


This forum can’t help with that, unfortunately. Discourse Meta is the place you’ll want to suggest forum features to. :)