Reply or Not!?★



Hi! I have been trying to post something on a topic, but I don't want to reply. How do you do this.
I am tagging people who I have seen do It...

This is in no order


I'm not on the list, but I can help with whatever you need!


Could you explain what you want/need/want to learn/something/need help with a little more? :D


?How did you do it?>-<


Do what? What did I do?


I get confused on these things, they just happen or don't really...


I wanted to learn how to post something on The difference between drawing on an IPad compared to paper (etc.) without replying to anyone.


You posted on this topic, without having "reply to @..." In the corner


Oh! :D

Go to the bottom of the topic, and then at the bottom, you will see a aqua button that says reply on it! :D

It looks like this...


Thanks so much!!! Is my drawing request almost done. Please don't flag this