Replacing Projects

Let’s say I begin an update for a game, but it’s getting late and I need to go to sleep. What options do I have to keep the update on the game, without saving it to my profile? If I was to save it to my profile, then I would have multiple of the same game on my profile! That’s because when I go to publish the new update, it will publish a whole new project onto your profile!

So, why not add the ability to replace one of your projects? When you press share, it might have the option to replace a project or to publish a new one. If you select to replace a project, then it will give you a list of recent projects and you can select one!

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That’s actually quite good


I saw a button, and pressed it on accident.

Sorry ‘bout that :sweat_smile:


nop it’s perfectly fine! i just don’t want the leads to clive this topic by accident because that “solved” post (:


I definitely think that the experience when updating projects can be improved!


Groovy idea

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