Replacing bad words?


I don't know how the bad words filter works, but I have an idea (that I know someone's going to be rude to me about, because that always happens). What if instead of blocking them, you change them to be nice?

Like for example, "you suck" could be "you rock" or something like that. Some words, it'd also be good if you could just hide them like hidden text.

Idk it's stupid lovely


This is actually a great idea!


Awesome idea! Love it!


Well THT doesn't do the stuff with the forum discource does so uh


What is discord? Sorry, just wondering


Sorry that was a typo


I am confused... Doesn't Hopscotch do the forum?


Actually, THT bought this forum template from discourse to create the forum. They are not able to completely change the forum, but they can change up the word-blocking systems.

Example: It was THT's idea for iPad aw.ay (without the period) to be blocked


THT can't control such things on the forum. However, you can suggest this on the Discourse Meta forums.


This is a great idea! I would really like seeing it on the forum, but it is Discource that updates the forum system itself, so we should suggest the feature to Discource like @MR.GAM3R said. I think that this should be added!


I think this is a lovely hope :slight_smile: I suspect people might try and get around it though, like people can with the other bad words hmm...

And aww I see you thought people might be unfriendly about your ideas :( when this is meant to be a friendly place.



I don't really like that idea but I dunno why


That's a very good idea... I'm not sure how the mechanics would work, but a good suggestion for the forum.


what if its like irl COMPLET ENEMIES? "hi, u rock, u rock, u rock,....." (u suc.k, u su,ck u suc.k)


Then just tell it to their face. If you can't say it to someone's face, you shouldn't say it online.