Replace the color chooser with something better



We need a new color chooser, at least a simple one with just the color circle and a chooser.
This makes most people happy because they don't need to paste in some weird code to get the color they want.

Bolded for pointing out the important bits.


who wants a HSB color picker?

  • yes, i want HSB colors
  • no, i like the colors we have



@hopscotch_king how do you do quizzes???


I love the hsb colours


@iReesesCup it's called polling, to do it you have to do this:

- Choice 1
- Choice 2

@hopscotch_king and @ProgrammingChicken but the issue of using a colour wheel is that if you want to use the EXACT same colour repeatedly, you gonna have to do tiny tiny tweaks here and there.

Although typing pasting whatever may seem troublesome, but it's a better and more accurate way to get the same EXACT PRECISELY colour. It's worth all that hassle.


Color wheel and a textbox with the actual code at the top. Pleases all.


Did you know? There is a bug where on Change Trail Color if you tap the question mark the values menu pops up.

I was thinking that maybe you could create an "intentional" values menu where there would be an extra arrow that would take you to the calculator, which would have a keyboard option for HSB.


poll closed! new colors won!:trophy: