Repeat forever is stopping


My repeat forever always gets stuck at 1712 or somewhere around there… Can anyone help?



Who should I tag for this?






It didn’t get stuck at that number for me @Mindcool24


Seems fine to me


Seems fine for me.


Maybe try restarting your device? It could be a glitch or something.


How old is your device??


Mine got stuck at 874 when I typed in 5236. Maybe it’s a code problem?


I put in the same number as Amberheart and got this


Maybe check your code and see if the repeat forever block isn’t inside some other block that sets a limit for the numbers.


Huh… I’ll look at it


It’s an iPod 6, so the newest one


Weird. The code worked fine for me with the code “5236” on a Windows 10 laptop (Toshiba) in the webplayer on Google Chrome.

As this seems to be an actual problem, maybe you should report this bug to THT?


It’s random, sometimes some numbers don’t like other numbers. So each input seems to get a different number for everyone, it’s most definitely a code problem


And that is why it is under Debug my Code, since it doesn’t seem to replicate itself among other projects


True, I didn’t notice the category though