Renaming an object bug (solution)

Well, as you all know, this update came with a glitch that made it hard to rename objects, well, there is a solution to it, which you can use while THT works on getting rid of it:

First, let’s say you have an object, and you want to rename it, but you just can, you try exiting the project, reloading the app, or tapping lots of times, but you simply can’t rename it

Well, just grab it to the bottom right corner (bellow the center of the screen Y, and further than the center of the screen X)

And voila! You can now rename it!

Hope this helps y’all! Just a clear up


Hmm noice good clear up, this is gonna be useful.

Thanks rodrik!


Wow, this is very helpful (and clearly shows that this is a bug). Thank you so much for sharing this @Rodrik834! :slight_smile:


Hope it helps with the development of your projects! :grin:


I think Hopscotch should just add the ability to rename it in the pop-up thing where you put in code.
Since I can’t put in images I’ll just try to make it with text.

| X Text 3 (<—There) |
|Add a rule, eg. when this iPad is tilted left |


I’ll add it for ya

This menu?

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Yeah, up in the corner there with the name.
Basically renaming it by just tapping it, that would make it much lesser of a hassle.

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Yea this