Remove the new update


The new update needs to be removed. Pending posts should only be for new users, because there are no moderators on the forum!

@Liza @Rodrigo @everyoneelse
@codinghorror @eviltrout

Did you guys know you can tag people from Discourse?


The Hopscotch team doesn’t control the forum code, discourse does. If you have any complaints, go complain to them
The team can’t do anything to help this, sorry.


What new update? I haven’t had any pending posts.


i’ve noticed that the only posts i’ve had to be checked first by a mod where ones wit the word “god” in them. maybe its a thing with certain words?

this one isnt pending because i used < > in the b a d word


You’d think Discourse would’ve noticed!


Whhy should there be moderators? I think we’re doing just fine on our own tbh. We have flagging so we can moderate by ourselves.


Flagging is pointless. Everyone flags too much.

Some people flagged one of my posts as spam on one of my topics.



Too bad

Why waste their time on a couple of kids who get fired up way too easily


Because of all the trolling!

Because of people like @Petrichor!


Ummmm if you have a problem get an account on the Discourse meta and contact the team there


I can tag their workers on this forum.


Well too bad

Can you just chill out

Leave for a week

And don’t blow it on Nindroid, you just want an excuse

You have a personal grudge against him


But they aren’t active here unless if they are contacted otherwise.



How have you not gotten one of those yet?!

It is pointless, and needs to be removed!


Not really

You’ve been here long enough, you know about ways to get through it

Don’t complain about nothing


It’s not pointless, it is to help moderate the forum


I can’t get through it at all.

I can’t even edit the posts to remove anything!



I don’t care. They are only supposed to be for new users.

This forum doesn’t have moderation anymore.

This forum is a free-for-all.


Well then why are you saying the same thing over and over again, you’re not getting anywhere