Remove all artpad art and roleplays from featured


93 weeks?? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t active then


Yeah I think it was the very first time art had ever been featured everyone’s mind was blown


Have there been any more recent features of art and roleplays? Because I feel like I haven’t seen any over the past few months.

(Also, thanks for linking some projects)


I’ve never seen an rp on featured. And no art has been featured lately, but some has been nominated


ok shh children
you can just ask me, I’m right here

I have a featured art pad that was featured because I coded it, not because I drew on it (my Hopscotch art is trash XD). You’d have to ask Grizzlyzoe herself, but I think she has at least one art feature.

I’ve been inactive for?? almost a year now?? because I don’t own a device that can access Hopscotch.
But if you’re looking to find my profile, you’re going to find it under “Serenity [gone]”, I’m pretty sure.
Serene…Fourteenth?? what is that?? it doesn’t even start with an s???


Oh no my old art ;-;
I agree on the rp, but if the drawings are high enough quality, then I don’t think there should be any reason they shouldn’t be featured


Hello I’m here now lol
I had like four or five art features??? Sophia posted them above


I haven’t seen roleplays on Featured. What project do you talk about? I probably just haven’t seen it.


Oh hmmm maybe it was somebody else I’m so confizzled because serene strawberry changed her name a few times…


do you not understand???
that’s my account…but you won’t find it anymore (save for impersonators) under that name.
upon my leave, I set it to “Serenity [gone]” because most of Hopscotch knows me by “Serenity.”


There were RPs on featured?


My first featured project had generally simple code in it (compared to what I’m doing now). I’d prefer if it wasn’t removed.

I’d imagine all featured projects are hand picked, and we all should know that even though we want higher quality projects, there aren’t 2 new high quality projects each and every day. It just doesn’t happen. Plus, they try to wait a while for each person so that one person isn’t getting featured every other day.


Yeh I don’t think there were RPs on featured.

There may have been some before I joined back in 2016


Imo remove art pads and rps from featured but dont remove them entirely.


RPs weren’t ever on featured. Art pads are. Maybe just make them rarer to get on featured lol


Well the title was ‘remove all artpads art and roleplays from featured’


Sorry guys a mistake, for rps I want them removed all together. And some people are mistaking “artpad art” for art pads. Art pads are great pieces of coding but pure drawings using art pads are not.


I think Rps can exist if they are for the purpose of code like coding the rp into a visual version if not no,my friend has been role playing for the fun of it which I detest but I have been trying to code the protagonists in it or a story I believe that’s the only pure reasons rp can exist if they don’t mean for a deeper code I don’t agree


Rps dont really deserve featured unless some exceptional circumstances arise.

Art pads should be featured if they are unique.

That is my two pennies on this.


What about an actual art pad that’s featured?