Remove all artpad art and roleplays from featured


I don’t get the Hopscotch community. On one side there are the people who code and actually put their skills and effort into their projects. But then there are people who use emojis with simple code or just draw and those projects flood featured.

There should be more quality projects on featured. Thank you.

  • I fully agree
  • I agree on the rp part
  • I agree on the art part.
  • I fully disagree

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I agree.

Can I build a poll?


Just like on Scratch.



(kinda forgot how to on mobile)

  • I fully agree
  • I agree on the Roleplays part
  • I agree on the art part
  • I fully disagree

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actually just made my own poll, sorryyy


Wait but there aren’t roleplays on featured. Do you mean trending?


Are there RPs on Featured…? Gasp


Haha, that was my reaction. And some art should be featured. Even as a coder, I have been inspired greatly in the past by awesome drawings on featured.


Has there ever been featured art? Maybe SG3A’s art but that’s it I think!


Woah hold it there has been featured rp’s how?!?


Yes, there has. @GrizzlyZoe has like 3 (that I can remember) features and @Serenity might have a couple.


Oh cool wait is serenity serene strawberry?


Um…I’m not sure…she’s changed it a few times.


Oh yes on the app it was once serene fourteenth I think and there were some others I’ll ask her :grinning:


Could someone link these projects because I would be really interested in seeing this.


The art?

I feel like there is more


Remember SG37’s drawing of one of the transformers, , wing blade or smth? I distinctly remember that getting feature

Also one of Serenitys challenges, , I don’t remember which one though


No…not really…


^^^ this one

And afterwards she published a project thanking THT for the feature, so