Removal of HHC17 and Saving Storage


@Awesomeonion, @Rodrigo, @Liza

Hopscotch is becoming a bigger and more complicated app and saving space is a necessary attribution in doing so.

Such processes contributing to the situation would be
A. Remove the HHC17 it’s a waste of space.

The options below are possible recommendations in saving storage:
B. Remove #featuredchallenges due to the last competition being the HHC17 which was opened in a new channel. Just combine with another channel.
C. Extract the starter projects (unless you want to continue with it, @t1_hopscotch) and combine to rising.

These recommendations may be helpful towards a good clean out for the app. Keeping things simple is always best.

Click on what should be removed.

  • Remove HHC17
  • Remove Featured Challenges
  • Remove Starter Projects
  • Remove some ‘#’ channels

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HHC is a fun competition,

Featured challenges is cool,

Starter projects are cool,

We need all the # channels or else people will start posting things where the shouldn’t more often


Does it really take up much space? It’s just a tag that some projects have, and when you go to the corresponding tab, projects with that tag will appear. I do agree some tabs aren’t necessary, and will just make things tidier.

Regarding the poll, HHC17 should be removed. The # tabs need to be reworked in my opinion. Featured challenges, while hasn’t been updated for a long time, for some people it’s their only “featured” projects. And starter projects is nice for newer Hops (and some older ones too, I’m sure).


I’ve also asked that question to myself: does it use that much space, or is the tags loaded from a server, which means that they won’t take up too much of your availible memory. THT could remotely change the tabs settings without needing to publish a new HS update, so that is what makes me think that most of the data is stored on their servers. But I don’t know though.


Probably servers


wellhalloween is over soooooo


All of those are saved on Hopscotches servers, and have a very minimal (like kilobytes) effect on your storage. Also HHC17 doesn’t even take up space on Hopscotches servers - it’s a small attribute that some projects have, not it’s own seperate section


Ok thanks. What’s your hopscotch account name?


did anyone say there was an issue with storage? Because no offence but if storage was an issue I think THT would have already known to do this.

Also, do these extra tabs actually affect us that much? I mean they could be beneficial to newer Hopscothers who are looking for project inspiration but I don’t really see the issue with them being there.

(Again please don’t take offence if this post sounds rude. I’m not sure if it sounds like that but just know I didn’t mean for it to sound like that.)


Then why does THT refuse to extend the players max time? Why not extend the editors capacity?

Even you said ‘extra’ which is a reference to 'not needed’
It just clogs up unnecessary space.


I think no matter how much storage space there is on hopscotch, editors have to have a limit because our devices can’t handle so many things and end up crashing. Or it takes a really long time for large projects to load.

And I do agree that these tabs are unnecessary but it doesn’t really affect me as a player who enjoys looking at the things others have created. Maybe those tabs have also been left until next years events to be changed but getting rid of them entirely means that if the THT wanted to do anymore events they’d be taking up that space again eventually. So it’s only a temporary and/or limiting solution. I personally think that if the hopscotch team would want more room on there servers or slow down the “fill up” of them they should limit how many things hopscotchers could post per hour or day so that there would be less spam projects and people would put more thought into their posts.


I don’t think Hopscotch takes up that much space, and even if it did, I doubt that would affect the editor’s capacity. I think it’s more to do with the way Hopscotch was coded, the nature of how it works, maybe it’s not the most efficient code, and so after a while, (like @MyPizza said), the devices reach a limit and can’t handle it anymore.


Heh. When I downloaded hopscotch it was on 78 MB. Now it’s on 1.08 GB. That’s a huge increase. I think they coded the app in swift and that takes up a lot of storage. Hence, the swift playgrounds app too.


It’s only 73.8 MB for me. Sounds like you might have a lot of cached files, or maybe a TON of drafts. Try reinstalling the app.


I have about 6 drafts…


Maybe they’re big? I’ve got a couple of drafts that are surely over 1 gigabyte.


I just want to have HHC2017 XD


Um… no. That’s impossible. Did you by any chance code this:
But offline? It’s one of the most complex Xbox games ever.
Well I guess I have a few versions of my Pokemon game… I also have a game called six…


You’re actually right, I did mean megabytes. I think.


What do you mean by a limit to the editor?