Remixes not showing up


If I am interacting with another hopscotched, but all I see is a 1 week old remix and none of the new ones that I only see in my remixes page… is there still hope?


So, they still show up in your remixes page but not your notifications? I’ve had that happen a long time ago. Well…idk how to fix it.


Correct. They don’t show up In my notifications


Are they remixing your original project or was the original project yours? Like who made the first project?


The other person did


That might be why. Because they are remixing their own project, so that might be why it doesn’t show up.


Oh yeah. I call that a ghost! No one but the remixed person can c their posts. Take DanielTiger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No one can see their posts except remixed. I even gave him an OC


One week old. All of them. Nothing recent.