Remixes not appearing in Activity Center


So today I was looking through the tabs, old and new. When I got to Remixes of My Projects, there were some I didn't recognize. It's because they didn't appear anywhere in the Activity Center!

Is this only for me or are other people experiencing this bug? Thanks!

In Remixes tab...

Nowhere to be seen in notifications.


I'm not experiencing this bug :bug:
Hopefully it will get sorted


That's strange. I haven't experienced it either. Maybe because the person remixed it from someone else's remix of your project so you don't get a notification, but the other person does?


@t1_hopscotch exactly! I figured that out with my 'challenge: give this girl some hair!' project. I was kinda confused.:confused: But it worked out!


It's happening to me...sometimes!


Thanks everyone! It's just the remixes that didn't appear were entries for the Book of Hopscotchers, so I just wanted to make sure everyone got in!:smiley:


Oh no this might be a glitch @CreativeCoder


Hey look it's the photo of the version my hopscotch was in

I saw was because I broke my iPad yay