Remixes/credit topic

@/Yuanyuan asked me to fill this out…

  • What is your opinion about the remix feature? I think it’s a great feature but, also I think it is not always used in a good way…

  • What do you think the purpose of the remix feature is?

    1. For a user to make a change to a project… e.g. A different design… a different concept… basically creating your own version of a project. This should require credit.

    2. For a user to show their score on a game… no credit required. No credit parts deleted e.g. a made by [username] text at the bottom.

    3. To use a FTU template… credit: depends on whether it is a FTU with or without credit.

    4. To use seasonal characters in their own project… no credit required.

Basically definitely not to copy a project without changing code or showing a score. Even when showing a score… i think it should only be a remix when the user is instructed e.g. Congratulations your score is [score] remix with your score. And the preview image/thumbnail must show the score and the title should indicate that it’s a remix or that it’s just showing the score, it has to indicate that it is not made by the user who made the remix. Also, definitely not to say something is trash… like this one Bear’s adventure = trash by ItzPhantom it’s just really mean.

  • In what situation would the remix feature be annoying for users? Is there anything we can do to - change/improve that?

When someone remixes your project without changing any code or showing any score.

To fix this, i think in the report section, there should be a report copying/plagiarism button Should there be an option to report a project as “being copied”?
Here’s an example i’ve made

Also, the feature that you’re working on which lets you add a watermark would be good, however not everyone reads a watermark.

  • Any other thoughts about Remix.

I think copying is a massive issue… That’s all for now :yawning_face:

  • I agree
  • I disagree (reply with reason)

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i agree to this topic…
most of everybody remixing my projects just adds cheats, changes color then name it themselves, and just spamming remix
i beg the devs to add a lock project thing to stop that madness
it is not fair when you add cheats, especially easter eggs hidden until spoiled and it is not fair if you remix without credit


Yes. I agree.


what we need more is for the remix bug to be fixed, as is stated in a topic you linked


Yes… but copying a project without changing code isn’t good either…


but to spend that long to recreate a project is a lot of effort for something that will probably be recognized as a copy


somebody last time spammed the remix button with the same name over and over again
someone stole me game and said it was theirs, changing the name to Ring Bin

  1. Open project
  2. Press publish remix

that’s what I said needs to be fixed


yep, definitely
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I have successfully made a remix detection system.

If you remix or draft this, it will say something different. Only problem is legitimate remixes would also be affected.

I agree with @Nobody as well. Remixing issues would be far less severe if they’d just fix the remix bug once and for all. Every version without a patch is more time for people to steal drafts

As for score remixes, I think global variables is a better solution than remix with your score.




I agree but they don’t exist in the public yet…


I agree though it seems like a bit too much
Yeah the remix bug gone will be great


I know THT has their priorities, but it took me a day to get it working. Multiplayer was much harder.

Regardless of how long it takes, it’s still a feature I’d like to see.


How did you do that?


We should always remember to give credit when remixing, and remember to use the feature for its original purpose: To add more to an already amazing project. I like to refer to this topic whenever I need to give adequate credits.


It is not too big of a deal if someone remixes someone else’s game without credit and apologises, but if that remix gets more famous than the original game, or the person keeps doing it to your or any other games then that can be a big issue

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Modding probably.

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what was le code?