Remix Suggestions

I was thinking and I thought it would be a good idea to have a little button on a project that shows all the remixes of it, so you can see what other people have done. Idk, could be a nice feature for the next bug update.


That would be a lot for some people. This has the same controversy as follower count. Some people who don’t get remixes would feel bad.

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I think that’s on Scratch.


It’s better to do a yes/no poll on this. Try it.

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Ok, here’s a poll

  • Yes, add a show remixes button
  • No, don’t add a show remixes button

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That would actually be a really cool feature, I have never thought of that


I agree with @HopscotchRemixer
I really never thought about this.

I mean we DO have a Remixes of my Projects page on hs, but if you remixed some other project all of the other remixes of that project sort of clog that page.

That button will sort of clean everything out and categorize it. Yes, perhaps people may feel bad if they don’t get remixes, but maybe we can make it like private, and only they can see it…
That may be a game-changer for some of the no’s on your poll…

GREAT idea! I love it!


Cool idra.

There’s a remixes of my projects tab.
Totally unleashed but
They used to have a count of the branches.

Who else remembers that?

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THT have more important bugs to worry about

my idea:
the “remixes” tab of a project will look like a tree, with projects branching off other projects with a remix.

similqr to the one from scratch.

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We had that before in Hopscotch (it showed how many remixes a project had), but I think that THT removed it.

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but it didn’t show all the actual projects remixed from the original.


No, it didn’t, and that would be a really cool feature to have.