Remix Competition!

Often, what I see the remix feature being used for is just to show the score one got on a game, or for seemingly no reason (ie, someone remixes your game and makes it look like their own despite the remix watermark).

The remix feature was intended to allow other coders to build off an already-existing project.

This leads me to the point of this competition — to promote building off others’ projects like the remix feature was intended for, remix a project and build off of it!

How it works

Info on the rounds
  • There will be a few rounds. (How many depends on how many people decide to join.)

  • Each round, competitors are given a specific kind of project they have to build off of (for example, trail art, pixel art, games).

  • At some point during the round, two simple bonus challenges will be announced. Competitors can earn five points for completing each bonus challenge.

  • Competitors find a project by someone who has given permission to let competitors remix their project, or ask someone who hasn’t given permission for all of their projects to be remixed to use a specific project they have in mind. Competitors can refer to the poll at the bottom of this post to see who has given permission, who may give permission for some projects, and who hasn’t given permission.

  • Competitors have two weeks to make a project. (If most of the competitors need more time, then an extension for all competitors will be given.)

  • After those two weeks, projects are judged. The judging period is a week long. There are three judges, including myself. See judging criteria for information on how projects will be judged.

Judging criteria
Original project: /10

What was the original project like? Were there a lot of things to build off of, were there bugs that could be fixed, or were many things that could be improved? Was the project the type of project that the competitor should have chosen? Rate the project like you would in a regular contest — based on how good it is — but also rate it on how many things in it could be built off of. A higher score means the project was good to begin with, and was the type of project that should have been chosen for the round, but there’s room for improvement in a remix.

Additions: /30

Did the remixer add new things? If so, what were they like? How did they enhance the project? Rate the project based on how the additions improved the project. A higher score means the additions improved the project and made a noticeable difference between the remix and the original.

Bugs: /15

Did the original project have bugs? Were they fixed in the remix? Did the additions to the remix cause bugs? Rate the project depending on how many bugs there are, and if bugs in the original project were fixed. A higher score means bugs were fixed.

Graphics: /20

Did the graphics stand out to begin with? Were they enhanced by the remixer? Rate the project based on how the graphics looked. A higher score means graphics were enhanced in a way that really stood out.

Special: /25

This category means something different each round. What it means depends on the type of project that competitors have to remix. One round, the type of game you have to choose may be a shape art. Then this category would be something related to a quality most shape arts have, like colors. Or maybe this category would turn into two categories, like colors and use of quadrilaterals. Who knows what it may be? What this category is will be announced along with the type of project competitors have to choose, at the start of each round.

Bonus points: /10

Partway through each round, two simple challenges will be announced. If a competitor completes one challenge, they will get five bonus points. If a competitor completes both challenges, they will get ten bonus points.

Total: /100

Plus bonus points: /110

To join:

Please vote in this poll.

  • I’ll join!
  • Accidentally voted

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To judge:

Please fill out this form by November 18. There will be three judges, including myself. This is not first-come, first-serve. Judges will be chosen based on their well-thought-out answers. Please be honest.


Do you just want to judge because you don’t want to or don’t have time to enter the competition? If not, why do you want to judge?

Have you judged a competition before? If so, what was the name of it?

What do you think goes into a great game?

Whether you wish to judge, join, or not participate, please vote in this poll:

I know some people would prefer their projects not be remixed. That is okay, and each person’s preference should be respected. What do you prefer? Would you rather your projects are not remixed, would you rather give permission for certain projects, or is it okay for competitors to remix them without asking you about the specific project they have in mind first?
  • I am completely fine with competitors remixing my projects and building off of them, as long as credit is given.
  • I’d rather some of my projects not be remixed, so I would like competitors to ask me if they can remix and build off of the specific project of mine that they have in mind first.
  • I would not like competitors to remix my projects.

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Remixes are :fire:


I guess I’ll join?
Lol lots of remixes are just the same project, no changes


This sounds awesome! If I can’t judge, I’ll probably compete (if I can find time).

Here ya go!


Ur projects are :fire:


@tankt2016 can i join please? Please?


Of course, anyone can! You just need to vote in the poll in the op.


Then i did i think


Oh never mind i did!


As one who remixes others projects regularly I’ll definitely do this!


That wasn’t yours? I thought it was.


I only have remixed a few projects, but this seems like fun to be building off of


I used to remix quite a bit
Eventually me remixing decreased to nothing
But I still like the feature


I might join depending on the due date and depending on other stuff


Oh right the start date.

This’ll start on Wednesday.


Ok thanks!


Ooh wendednedesday
Ok I’ll keep in mind

UM I don’t really care if you remix my projects

(Which project tho? I don’t have many lol)

I will probably not join as remixing is not very professional in my opinion

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Thanks for reading!

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