Remix Bug in Hopscotch

Your username: @BumpSplatGaming.Co

What kind of device are you using?: IPad latest IOS, recent gen?

Here’s a sweet screenshot: Lately I’ve been getting remix notifications and all, but… on some remixes, the usual tag for the original creator is missing.

Is anyone experiencing this also?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yep this is a pretty big bug that’s been here for a while. A fix is being worked on tmk


Probably an error was caused while sending a notification


Kk that’s good to know.


3 Likes This project is a remix and it got curated

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Wow… okay so I guess this is a universal problem based on the poll.



The latest iPad generation is iPad Gen 7 (the latest model being iPad Pro 2020)

We all have had that issue, and it’s being addressed. Also, there’s quite a bit of topics on this already.

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This happens to my brother always is what he said lol