Reminders for the Forum



Hi everyone,
I just thought we all could use a friendly reminder about behavior on the forum.

I want to discuss making topics. We don't want to start any bot wars, and it is annoying to make a topic only to get it closed. When you make your topic, think "Will this topic help someone? Will it have a positive affect? What does it have to do with Hopscotch?"

This also applies for posts. Think how your post will benefit the conversation. And if you see something you don't like, don't get into a flame war. (I am guilty of doing that) You can politely state your beliefs/thoughts on the matter. If it is something you really don't like, just go. Mute the topic and go. But honestly, if we stayed on topic more, the flame wars wouldn't start as often. I know it is very hard to be on topic, but try your best.

Forgiveness. All people make mistakes. We can't judge Hopscotchers; we barely know anything about them. For example, Here is a fake discussion.

Me: I don't like Bob because he is mean on the forum.

That is not ok for me to say because first of all it is mean. Would you want someone to say that to you? Second of all, I have never even met Bob. I don't know what he is like other what he seems like on the forum.

Next thing: Staying appropriate: No matter how mad you are, swearing is not ok. There are millions of words to use, why use the mean, inappropriate ones?

This was just a friendly reminder about behavior on the fourm. Have a nice day! :blush:

Including the tag list because I think everyone should see this. Is topic ok to use a tag list for, or are tag lists just used when asking a question?


If anyone has any other things they want me to add about behavior on the forum, just comment below.


I agree. Great topic! :clap::smile:


Thanks! I thought a little refresher might help!


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Good Topic i guess


Thank you for saying that, I guess. :joy:


XD jk! Its an amazing wonderful topic! I heart it!


What was the idea when making this topic?


I started out just wanting to talk about making topics. But then I wanted to include other things, and it got bigger and bigger. Some topics of just social. No offense to the creators of these topics, but how do they help in any way or have a positive effect?


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Your welcome! You deserve it, it is a great topic!


what is the tag list for? why does it have some hopscotchers and others not on there?


It's to get people to visit the topic. It has these people because they agreed to be on it; if someone used a large tag list other than that one it's not allowed.


Some Hopscotchers like being tagged and getting notifications, so there is a special tag list you can use. It notifies people so they look at your topic.


I agree but I am not on the tag list!!sorry it's just everyone is using the one that i am on!


I don't really think you should dislike Bob I thought this was reminders


Is that a joke? Because it was an example.


Hey check out my topic there's little kids on hopscotch I have tips!


Yes it was a joke LOL XD