Reminder to Everyone :3


I need to post a few reminders to the community out here. Just a few little winks to the forum about the guidelines. ;) (pun intended)

We need to remember these top 10 things that are really important to keep the forums healthy and happy! They aren't a repeat of the Community Guidelines, they're just some points I'd like to make :D

Reminder 10

Nothing's deleted forever. If you delete a post, recycle a topic, or get rid of an edit, it's still in the computer memory. The mods can see the deleted posts. Anyone can see the edit history. Don't post something you'll regret, because it won't ever be really gone. :wink:

Reminder 9

If you're doing something that annoys others and is unnecessary, then stop. If it is necessary and it's something you're saying like 'SBYP' or 'BOT,' then say it in a nicer way. If you are saying it nicely and there is objection, find a way to work it out. Never persist with unnecessary and random comments/actions. :000

Reminder 8

You can work it out! There's no time for fussing and fighting! Okay, I'm quoting the Beatles by now, but it's true. X3

If you disagree with someone, get help from a leader or just let it be. (Beatles again. I apologize.) Anyone can have opinions. They don't have to be the same. You just don't have to fight over them.

Reminder 7

If it's blocked, don't say it. With the exceptions of words such as, but not limited to 'iPad away' or 'bullying,' we shouldn't be trying to get around the filter. Be creative with clean ways to say what you want! :3

Reminder 6

Negativity isn't an option! Don't get the forum down. You can express your feelings, but don't expect everyone to be all sad too. Because life goes on! (Beatles again :P)

Aaaaand I'm going to start singing. HEY JUDE, DON'T MAKE IT BAD, TAKE A SAD SONG AND MAKE IT BETTER!

Reminder 5

Admit your mistakes. If you're in the wrong, you can't just keep running and hiding from those skeletons in the closet. Take responsibility for your own actions. You'll just seem more immature. We'll forgive you. You make it harder for yourself when you blame it on the world. :P

Reminder 4

Like it or not, the Leaders' job is to enforce the rules. Like it or not, they're doing a great job of it. Some would like to think they're failing miserably. They're like police officers, except helpful for the little things, too. You can't blame them for doing their job. :00

Reminder 3

Don't overreact, please! If you make a mistake, there's no need to make a big old topic about it full of crying emojis and stories about how you ruin everything. Try to settle it calmly. You'll end up being embarrassed that you went crazy over something little. Also, it's the same if someone else does something wrong. Don't freak out. :wink:

Reminder 2

Don't be bossy! :3 Explaining the rules or reminding of the rules is different to telling the rules and not being nice about it. If someone says you're being bossy, don't get defensive and say "No I'm not!" ask how you could improve! :D

Reminder 1! :D

Be appropriate! This is very important! Never be mean or say something inappropriate or rude. Steer clear of swear words or gory details. Always be kind and try very hard to never be rude!

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