Reminder Of The Forum Rules


Hey Everyone,

I have been going in to quite a lot of topics, I have realised that we need a Reminder of the Rules. I know there are many Topics like this one but I would like to also have my opinions heard through the Community. I will name all of the Rules and some Tips on how to stick to the Rules. I will also explain why we need to follow these Rules and respect them.

Don't Get Off Topic:
This Rule is one of the most common rule that is disobeyed, it's sometimes hard not to talk about stuff that is not related to Hopscotch for instance the Old Drawing Topic, It got closed because it Got Off Topic, I understand How difficult this is to obey but please try your best. There are exceptions to this rule on a special Holiday or event, you can get a little off Topic in a general topic if you ask someone things not relevant to Hopscotch . It's fine so times but please do try Your BEST.

No Inappropriate Content:
There are little children on the HS Forum, if you post inappropriate things this will be a bad influence and might make a child scared or confused. Swearing is also a part of inappropriate content because it is considered mean and it will get you flagged immediately. Even though somebody is not young they will feel sad or angry at you for saying something rude.

Do not Quit:
Some people quit for attention, and some people quit because they are not popular. Popularity is not important, the quality of your words and projects are the things that matter. Don't quit because nobody notices you remember that you are amazing, no matter what. Everyone is unique in some way and this is fine, you may think people do not notice you but this is not true, everyone knows you're there, they are just waiting to talk to you. But you need to talk to them first.

Flame Wars:
Flame wars are currently happening, it's inevitable. When a flame war occurs just stay calm. Don't get angry or mad explain yourself using nice words to express your feelings. Nobody will listen to you if get angry they will, only consider your options if you tell the family and nicely. If you have started a flame war without asking to ask a moderator to close the Topic for a while until things get calmer.

My Final Opinion

Sometimes you can't follow these rules for a particular reason. It is okay for you to do this. This is part of being Human you learn from your mistakes. Please think about this. Its okay not to know but it's not okay not to try.


:clap::clap::clap: Great speech, Smile.


I don't think we need a reminder of the rules

And heck is not a bad word so y'all better quit saying that


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