Reminder for Sharing Photos/GIFS on Forum


Title basically says it all. Remember that you technically have to have permission to repost something on the Internet (such as GIFS or photos). Some photos can be used freely, but some photos (if they weren't free to use), the owner could see it and actually sue you for theft!

I know the chances are unlikely, but really, be careful with what you post! A teacher at my school was sued for reposting a photo that wasn't free to use.

I don't mean to scare anybody, but I also don't want anybody to get into trouble because of the forum (Especially because you can't blame it on THT because you agreed to that in the TOS).

So ya, be carefully with what you images you post! Hopefully this was a good reminder. I just stick to not posting any photos.


What sort of pictures though?


Sowwy but I dunno what TOS stands for
Nice topic, BTW!

Here's one of my bad doodles:


TOS means Terms of Service.

*or tems of service


I think @Malie acting like a leader is great if she doesn't become one that doesn't mean that she can't act like one and maybe that's just her!


I think @Malie just wants to be more helpful :D
I think she is doing great! She even said it in a post C:

I just say, your a leader if your kind, helpful, and appropriate! Which means a lot of you are already leaders :D
I'm really glad you said that in a nice way tho :D


I agree with @smishsmash! She might just be that way!


Nice topic!
Always give credit. Sometimes there are photos with credit in them.

But I agree with Rainboom, too. Honestly.


Too bad. Ahhhhh I'm never posting a gif again!


I don't think it is okay to single people out as "trying to hard to hard to be leader" because it may come across as unkind and unwanted, which isn't what the forums are trying to get out.

Why don't we appreciate @Malie for taking a stand for something important? I think that this topic is great, thank you, Malie! :D


I agree with @LazyLizard ; I think we all needed this reminder. Great topic!


I think poptart singled someone out as 'trying to be a leader'. Or an actual leader.

Basically I believe everyone has the potentional (srry if its spelled wrong) to become regular or leader. It's all down to how long they stay on and how much they help. Thats why @Maltese should be leader.

It's also down to personality.


Thank you! c:

I think @Malie, personally, just wants to help! :3

If I would've been smarter (XD), I would've made a topic like this, for well-being! :3

It's totally fine, she's helping us and warning us.

I may be wrong I'm not perfect ;-;

Although you should never ever change your personality just to be a leader. :00
I would change my personality in a snap if a frappucino was on the line tho XD


I forgot personality.


Thanks for those of you who are sticking up for me :D

But I love how every time I make a topic someone just HAS to reply "you sound too much like a leader" or "your trying too hard"





@tankt2016 @Rainboom


I'm really sorry if that came across mean! :0

I just felt I should say it, I didn't know you'd been told before.

Again, sorry, but I do feel that way. I'll try not to say it anymore! ;)