Remembering my first and only project which got to featured: Principles of Web Design



My project as CoolHouseKidsQueen: Principles of Web Design actually came from a book! My computer book! I was just trying to use Hopscotch in making projects for my school. I published it so I can share it with my teacher. The tips written in that project is used for making websites in real life and in Hopscotch! I'm not bragging or things like that, but I just want to share my thoughts that simple projects can be turned into educational and meaningful projects. Isn't that an idea to be lived?


I agree! My report on animal adaptations for school also got featured!


I may want to make one of these, thanks for the idea!


Have any of you seen THT's favorites of 2015? Vaccinate yo kids is a game with a meaning. Health is Wealth!