#RememberF63 - A Community Project



You might have recently heard that famous Hopscotcher Funky 63 has left and unpublished all his projects. I'm bringing you all here today to do one thing in remembrance - republish his old projects. Have a draft of one of his unpublished projects? Publish it with #RememberF63. Add your own twist to it if you want! With this the future of hopscotch can play and see the wonderful projects created by him in the past. What do you think about my idea?

Also, do not claim one of the projects as your own like you made it! That is terrible!




I made this Tribute Scrollable Website- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xrp9lgyqn


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I edited the title because it might seem sarcastic if you're spelling something serious and nice wrong, and I added some tags for you. Do you mind? Any Regular can remove the tags anyway.


Added some 'funky' tags, get it?


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I wanna do dis but I don't have any drafts of funky's projects


I do feel like this is overused ;-;


That pic gives me the creeps!


What wat?
(here we go again....)


I know this is off-topic, but...
what happened? I know he left, but... Why?


ppl bullied him


People were bully-ing him, and he felt like Hopscotch didn't need him anymore, look up to him, weren't inspired by him...
Anyway, people were just plain mean, and he felt like the best way to fix it was to leave and delete all of his work. (He had so many inspirational projects, I can't believe he unpublished all of them in such a short amount of time.


I loved funky projects they were great to learn code for. And to get inspired by..


They were fun to play too. It brang back memories. Sweet,sweet memories


I love that! It is so kind of you.


I know, it's really sad and surprising that he left so quickly


He's back!! He changed his name!!! His username is " The Only Wizard Off" But I did love his projects and it's just real sad that he unpublished them:cry: Maybe he still has them in his drafts??