Remember when everyone had just started

I have had hopscotch for a long time, and I still remember my first project, my teachers told us to code something, and I coded a useless cat petting simulator, all you could do, was pet a cat, literally nothing else. I'm actually thinking of trying to make it better now. I then after the school year, I just kinda quit for like, about a year. Then I got my own iPad and blah blah blah, now I'm on hopscotch whenever I find time... I just wanna hear about your first project, and if you want to remake that project and make it better. What do you think?


Idk my first project it's probably cupcake spiraling around

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My first project was a Rabbit survival version geometry dash where you dodge knives and foxes. That was a lame project..... Actually wait..... The first one I made was a lame game where you just had to be quiet.... I've improved a lot.

my first project was a blue line named "christopher columbus"


Mine said i will make more projects lol XD

My first project was a thing where you went into the code added a Pokémon emoji thing and the name and remixed lol.

Mine was on June 6th 2014 on the unfortunately lost account called "ajack2002" named after my second Lego account because I forgot the password to "ajack2004" and it was called walking people.

My first drawing was of my OC Darkivy. She had very large ears, and eyes. here it is-

My first project was a survey. I deleted it soon after publishing though.

Technically, my first was a character going back and forth with trails. I understood nothing.

I think it was Chillana...

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My first topic was Press the Button. A very short and strange project xD

My first project was called Wiggling Giant, it was Chilanna doing all the old pre-made abilities. I think it would be fun to recreate, to be honest!