Remember this when you see a "Bad Attention Project"



Peach :peach: Situation

Some little kids will believe that s/he really did kill herself and all of that with her brother.. Great Detective work! But I suggest that we drop this situation and continue on. I don't feel that its right for peach to post about this stuff.. but it was his/her choice. I suggest that this is truly not forgotten but left alone. By investigating and giving all this attention to these projects your only giving peach the attention s/he wants Even if it may not be the attention s/he wants its still attention and I think that peach only did this for any type of attention.

I used the "Peach Situation" for an example

To clear it up more

Clearing it up

When you see a bad project. Say the project is extremely dramatic and sounds unreal but so unreal that it sounds real.
Should you believe it? That is entirely your choice, just remember not everything you see is true. Now if you knew that person in real life and it was true, you would know it was true but you couldn't convince the whole world of it. So when you see these projects what should you do?

What Should You Do?

If you see a project like this what should you do? You can do a matter of things.

What To Do

  • Report The project
  • Notify The Hopscotch team if necessary.

What NOT to do

  • Get Involved in the situation
  • Fight with the person
  • Tell them its not true because it only makes it worse.

In Conclusion

Just remember when you see these projects do not to get involved. The best thing you can do is to report the project and notify the hopscotch team if it gets worse. Don't believe these projects. They are most likely just doing this for attention. By getting involved your only going to make the situation worse and give them the attention they want.

I hope this helped.
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Thanks! I'm glad it made sense and that it helped


I agree!
I made the mistake of getting involved in some of this, however, I removed myself from the situation as I strive to be a role model and realized this was not a matter I would like to be involved in.


Thanks for saying this! Fortunately, no nightmares occurred last night, as I was too busy thinking for art, but this may have scared little children. You gave the right advice, good job!


What was the peach situation? Could anyone tell me ?


I closed both topics about it, but here is a pretty detailed topic about it: Peach Problem.


Awesome, and I like how you gave what NOT TO DO and WHAT TO DO... Great job! This is very useful!


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I am not little little (I am 9) but I did not have nightmares but I was laying in my bed thinking "what if this happens to me all my family died!" I am crying as I am typing this! I am glad this will not happen!


Its okay. I think many of us think about what would happen if this did happen.
To be honest, i have thought about what would happen and here is the best
answer i can think of. Just remember this won't happen, so the best thing
you can do is to relax. Just know that your family wont just randomly die
at one random moment, I truly hope this makes sense.


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