Remember Them. (Please Look)





We need to remember those members of the community that have left. This is on globel edit, so edit it on anyone who has left, they dont need to be famous.


Rehop one of their projects, or code a new one in honer of them. Tittle it: #RememberThem. Be sure to post the link here!




Nice topic!:grinning: I'm not that active in Hopscotch, so I can't really remix or make a project in their honor though.:confused:

Also, first like and reply!


PopTart left already? I didn't get to say goodbye...


when did poptart say she left?


Today I think

or yesterday idk


I thought it was October 1.


shes actually just posting less


I miss QueenFrozen...


I like this topic :smiley:


Great topic :thumbsup:


Me too.

Profound sadness...


I'm so upset that they left.
Why did they?
How can the forum work if a moderator leaves?


i was literally about to make this topic!


Noooooo ! I do not want @PopTart0219 to leave but I understand becoming a teenager us different !


She's not completely leaving; she's just not gonna post as much :D


I hope she either comes back or will be fondly remembered...


Bai to all Hops who have left…


Who is she? Several people are leaving, so I don't know which one.


I miss all of them, and others that have left so much!


PopTart :D