Remember the Poring invasion? (Anyone up for number 2?)



Do you guys form the 2016 time when Porings where all da rage?
I was just reading the old topic and was like we need more PORINGSS

Poring Invasion version 2?

  • YES
  • NO

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Credit to @XiaoMiaoMi for the original poring invasion
(It’s hs related because ppl code porings)


1 NO 1 YES lol. . . .


magma pop made 1 too


The invasion poll will close in da 1 day


Ahhhh the good ol days of the poring invasion, , chaos ensued




Aahhhh nostalgiaaaa ;uuuuu;


Anyone here!
I’m looking for a good poring to code. Draw your version of it, and call me. I’ll probably code it. Thanks!


I remember the good old poring days… ;-;


I remember these, it was one of the times ppl were happy to have so much art on trending!! (people in the forum these days don’t like how much art is on trendifng)


Woah, woah…wait, did I just hear that?



Haha, this makes me smile.


Oh god please don’t start that again




DMF!!! Hi! How are you is Yogurt?

And you should at least code something for Christmas.


we almost don’t celebrate it
i’ll probably code something for the New Year, but i’m not sure
Yogurt is great, thx


Hey, just code something.

I need to code a cup of yogurt :scream: