Remember the Old Forum Days?


Remember on the forum a few months ago when it just started you always talked to the same people?
Now those people haven't talked to you in a long time. You miss them. This is the perfect place to catch up with them. Tag the people you miss and wanna talk to
@hoppertoscotch @HopscotchArtAndGames @hermione @BlackPrincess @HoppertoscotchBackup @orangescent1 @Ihasfluffycupcakes @sassysinger
Those are just a few of the people I miss getting along with and joking around with.

Please catch up here?


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-sighs- The good ol forum days.. when it was nice and calm.. in beta.. and no BOT fights


Yeah, there were only about twenty topics, people who were not leaders yet were so funny and silly... I used to talk to hoppertoscotch and Hospcotchartandgames a lot. Now we don't even say hi...


@potterpro2 you are friendship2468. Your emails the same:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@AvocadoDont... It wasn't that long ago but you were the first person I actually had a conversation with. I haven't seen you that much since.


Their were only about 20 people

Put your name below line if you were in the forums beta!

We've come along way!

@BlueOrangeFangio maybe a little bit late into the beta...


But ur!


This isn't a place for a fight about emails.


Fine but U R @PotterPro2


Ahhh the good ol 21 days...


I'm so sorry @friendship2468! I didn't mean to ignore you! :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful:so sorry


I just joined like 2 weeks ago, so I don't know what the old forum was like. :pensive:


@Destroyer1084 I miss you @Ihasfluffycupcakes awwwww the old days *cries


Who else started singing 'Stressed Out' when they saw this topic?
No, just me? Okay..

Anyways, we have come really far from when I first joined in October. So much has happened, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

I think the first conversation I had was..........
Actually, I don't remember XD I have a horrible memory


Ok. Hi, @friendship2468!!!! Uhhh......hmmmm..... Hi........?


I did!! So weird....


@friendship2468 why did you put my backup in the list?


When was the forum opened?!?


I have no idea, actually.