Remember Swift Playgrounds?



Remember last year with the announcement of iOS 10 Apple introduced Swift Playgrounds as an iPad app to help kids learn how to code? Here on the forum, practically everybody downloaded it. There was even a club and an official Swift Playgrounds topic!

I downloaded the app, used it for a couple of months, and then just stopped. Back then I was on the iPad Air and I upgraded to the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Swift Playgrounds on the iPad Air was super slow. But even when I was on the way faster 12.9 inch iPad, I still didn’t use Swift Playgrounds and I’m stuck to Hopscotch.

At the WWDC Keynote, I saw how young some of the developers were, then I realized I should develop an app. I then got to work on Swift Playgrounds. I just finished Learn to Code 3.

My question is, does anybody here still use it?


No, not really. I used it for a while though, the thing that bothered me was the waiting times (learn to code). Waiting for the little character to execute all the actions was a little to boring (I didn’t know about the speed up button)


I actually don’t use it anymore :confused: I did almost all of the lessons, but I didn’t really know where to go after that. I didn’t know how to make a game or anything. I feel like Hopscotch is easier to learn from, not just because it’s a drag-and-drop block language, but also because there are so many great tutorials and videos and people who will be more than willing to help you learn :smiley:


Yeah, I remember it. I still have it, although don’t use it much anymore. The Learn to Code tutorials were too easy for me, and I couldn’t figure out how to make games using playgrounds. I usually just do Swift coding in Xcode now.


I’m thinking about taking it up again. I’ve been really motivated by some posts on the forum saying that my Diving game could be an app, so I’m thinking I should try making it in SpriteKit.

3D in Hopscotch!?

Ooh that would be really awesome :smiley:


I really wanted to download it, by my iPad is too old to get the iOS 10 upgrade :\


That would be dope! I recently got into using SpriteKit for making games, and it’s a great framework.


I got into using SpriteKit as well! I just created the game Breakout. I know it’s not much, but it’s a start!:smile:


Eheh i havents used it since like a month after it came out :joy:


I didn’t download it because all of my iPads didn’t have memory space available at that time, and I never downloaded it. Right now, I know Python and Hopscotch as programming languages.


Yep! Unfortunately, I got locked out of it 2 months ago ;-; but it was fun!


I used it for a little while, the just stopped.


That’s too bad. How far did you get and how did you get locked out of Swift Playgrounds?


Wasn’t too far, but I guess I completed the tutorials and stuff. It just crashed all the time.


I used to do swift playgrounds
I got bored of it

Hopscotch is a bit more fun I guess


Everyone except me…
Can’t get IOS 10 let alone 11 :disappointed:


I really really really hate strongly dislike swift playgrounds.

6th grade: ok, download Hopscotch!
7th grade: Everybody used swift playgrounds, it’s the best!
Me: deletes swift playgrounds

Sorry anyone who likes swift playgrounds




Scratch Program walks in

(Hopscotch and swift programs stops fighting and turns head)

Scratch Program: I have seen too much