Remember feelings



So I am a VERY sensitive person if I make a mistake that makes other feel bad I start to feel extremely scared/worried/sad/sorry/over apologetic!
So I know other people get this way too so if I do something wrong or accidentally make hurt feelings for any reason I start to crumble on the inside! I feel guilty I feel depressed like crying so remember other people are sensitive too so please remember feelings and be very careful about what you say. I don't show it through my facial expressions but I feel like crying if I do something for fun I didn't know the whole story of what I was responding/commenting on and I do something bad because I didn't know the whole back story! This is hopscotch related because in hopscotch and on the forum people feel this way and others need to be aware of that!


If I hurt someone, I feel like leaving and I feel really sad!


Dose anyone feel the same? I am super sensitive. And I know others are too... If you say you are you wont get special treatment just we will try to be more careful about what we say at least I will. Try and act this way to every one if you can because believe it or not we r all human and we all have feelings. Some are just stonger than others please don't fight! It could sart a huge flame war!