Remember CryingLaugh?


Remember CryingLaugh? If you're new, you probably don't know him, but he was basically just like MagmaPOP, but he was on Hopscotch last year. He said he was leaving and he might come back, but he hasn't been on Hopscotch for a really long time. And I also saw a few projects he published after he published his goodbye. It's strange. He said he'll come back, but he hasn't yet. Weird, huh?


Yeah! I wish he would!..OH!!! I'VE GOT IT!!!! He has come back and is @Follow4LikesOfficial!!!!


He's an auto follow, I didn't follow him if I never knew him!!!!M


Really?! AHappyCoder, how do u know??


Gimme proof that he is. Please @AHappyCoder


It's just a conspiracy!


conspiracy?? What do u mean?


I am saying that what the proof is of how @AHappyCoder thinks that CryingLuagh is Follow4LikesOfficial.


I remember CryingLaugh! I wish he would come back, I loved his stuff


[delek] I'll exterminate you if you prove guilty!




It seems to make sense...don't you think?...we have been talking about currant (as far as we know) hopscotchers...if follow4likes is CryingLaugh, CryingLaugh is not very obvios...


no one really knows. I once clicked on Follow4LikesOfficial's avatar, and it said he/she had a different username on Hopscotch, but he/she won't tell what it is.


He left a while ago invalid


You do make a great point. MEOW POLICE!


And then the Dalek shoots and I use the power from the shot to power my teleporter...(I just watched that last night)


Sorry if it's


racist, or sexist,

But I think F4LO is a boy/man


could be. cryingLaugh is probably 13 or 14 now.


(this may be impossible) then I go to the blue leftovers of energy left in the air to power my TARSUS (or something) that I stole from another time lord to find and trapped you, sorruding your teleporter and then exploding it!


Then I use my life energy like The Master and zap all the Daleks!