Remember Brilliant Sunshine? 😄


You know me and my social experiments.

I have trolled @Anonymous with these experiments.

Go on, guess:


  • She isn't my sister.
  • It's April. I do things late.
  • I don't have a sister.
  • I am a good actor.

Question: What was my experiment?



1st Reason- "Being nice is a vital skill set you need. So is humility."
Heard this? Well, it works! I was testing with this quote, on hopscotch, since there are so many of you here!

2nd- April Fools. I was late to the party.

Results of Experiment:
Being nice is good. It draws positive attention. Within two days, 'Brilliant Sunshine' was already cruising through the forum. She had 20 likes on all her projects, even if they were 'basic.' Think about being nice with the likes YOU have. How many likes can you get? More? Less?

Now I wasn't going to have BRS (Brilliant Sunshine) be all 'first project is amazing' like @MagmaPOP. That wasn't the point. I made sure BRS asked questions, and admitted weaknesses. She was happy for each and every like.

Also: the reason I said she was my sister and she borrowed my iPad was because of IP. Mods will know, and maybe you will. Kiwicute and BAS can easily find, and match our IP. This is why I had an excuse to say, "Yup. We do live in the same area. She borrows my iPad. Done."

Point: Be nice. It gets you places. But have humility. No one wants bragging.


Why was I tagged?

Did you want to see how good your persuasive skills were? :smile:


Because you were one of the people who interacted with my experiment! Guess why and what the experiment was!


Ha it's you I knew it!


Yup! I don't have a sister... Shh... :no_mouth:

But why would I do this? It's nothing random, guess!


April fools!


Uh... You wanted to see how people would react if you left?
Or... Like @Huggingfluffybear said, April fools?
Or... Cookie?

You are very good at acting. :D


Psst...Follow4LikesOfficial is Anonymous now...

F4LO's his back-up account.


Oops! Thanks for that!


Seriously XD

Also, @Follow4LikesOfficial is @Anonymous now :smile:


Thank you! Also, if you turn into a leader anytime soon, remember that I have nothing to do with it... :no_mouth:


I knew it, I didn't want to spoil it though. :D


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Wow! That was so inspiring! This will probably help others on the Hopscotch Forum who need inspiration. Also, I was wondering if you remember me as battle dog? @Snoopy


Really, how? This feedback could help me a lot!


I do! Did I follow you? I think I did!




Okay! Here's some tips:

You brought up your "sister" way too much. It was unnessecary to explain as much as you did, it made it unbelievable.

My interaction with you was very good. I like how you (Hopefully) intentionally messed up. Where you slipped up was again, bringing your "sister" up. It's kind of like the thing where a kid breaks a window, and can't stop looking at it.

You also got into the swing of the forum pretty quick. You were able to upload images and other things with ease, which tipped me off in the first place.

Otherwise, great job! I enjoyed this. :D


Yeah, that's what I thought slipped me up! I was going to ask how to use everything, but I thought I would annoy everybody!

Also, thanks! I didn't think anybody would be able to think I was fooling them! Good job!

I will try again, with a different experiment! Someday...


Wow, ok...:neutral_face:
You have interesting experiments...