REMEMBER 11/11/16 the fallen


18 minutes ago we stopped and paused to remember the people that died for us in the 1st and 2nd world wars.......I hope those who have hopscotch have mad a simple project for if u didn't stop and remember then now do sit or stand for 2 minutes and remember the fallen....


Okay excuse me if I sound dumb but what happen on the 11/11/16?


It was the end of World War I




So we take time each year in England and Europe to remember the fallen soldiers


Well, it's not just what happens in those wars. There were others. 2003 in Iraq, my dad was there. He's giving a speech at the Veterans Day thing in my city.

There's lots of wars that happened between WW2 and now.


We celebrate Veterans Day because it was the end of World War I where we (I think?) surrendered on 11/11/19 something at the 11th hour. We honor all the veterans that risked their lives and died to protect us. Our school is having a Veterans lunch in. Too bad the only person that served in the Air Force sadly passed a couple years ago.


Really? A couple years ago? That's interesting.


Yeah. He flew fighter jets in World War II.



@Jess888 we also celebrate it in America too.


That's cool!

War people are awesome! I love hearing their storeez :joy:

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Yeah it is fun! But sometimes it can be scary, like if they told you about when they almost got killed by a bomb or stuff like that.


Yeah, if they have like a missing body part, it's kinda intense, but cool and interesting at the same time!

Like a verbal movie playing in your ears... slowly being projected into your mind as imagery...

Woahhhhhhhh that's deeeeeeeeeeep.........

Gtg, good night!


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I know I'm just saying let's not argue a out it on a day of respect :grin:


I know that....I was in a hurry It is a Friday there and i shud b doing my school work


I agree. Sorry if that was argumentive.
Why do they have No Shave November if all the Veterans that do something special have to shave?


It's ok and I've never heard of that lol?


Never heard of what? No Shave November? It's when people don't shave to raise money for cancer. Cancer awareness, I think.


Yeah it kinda is!