Remaking All Minecraft in Hopscotch



Has anyone thought of making a 3D Minecraft game? Like EXACTLY like the Minecraft mobile version? Or the very first since it would lag a lot? I do know MagmaPOP made Minecraft Sneak Up but i mean REAL REAL Minecraft.We could use some of MagmaPOP's code.


Well there are many versions of mine craft made on hopscotch. Like REAL versions.

As long as you give credit to @MagmaPOP then that should be ok.


That sounds cool! It would be very hard though. Minecraft had VERY complicated code. :\

It's worth a try, if you want, though! :3


You kind of sort of must have arrays to do that and more processing power I will be very impressed if you make it properly tho!


Wow, I would be impressed if you could do this!

I think it would half to be like alpha tho xD



It would have to be a collab if you wanted to do it all



@CreationsofaNoob made an awesome Minecraft game (several versions actually), its very accurate to the original game. Maybe you could try to add onto it and make it so you can collect and place blocks.


At the moment, it's very laggy, but I can try to make my own hit testing system to prevent the lag that "when__ is touching ___" causes. Thanks! :D


WHAAAAT?Did you just say ____ is touching ____ lag with 3D or Physics? I had that problem too while making my featured Spaceship Adventure!


But i decided to do if x and y pos = space debris position and it stopped lagging


Make sure you give credit to @MagmaPOP and also I've seen a textures topic on the forum which might help!


What do you mean by Textures Topic?


Well, I saw a topic in which there was a tutorial on how to use textures and text art to make different materials.
I will try and find it.


That would sound amazing, but you could need a collab. A huge, huge collab. Huge. Keyword: HUGE


I would agree,i wish hopscotch added a work together feature so players can also edit the same project.


I do agree,not just that.We need 3D Minecraft.One that doesnt lag ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (if possible)


I have a project with minecraft interface.It might help...