Religions and Beliefs Guidlines 🕎


Because of the holidays, many people are fighting over religions and beleifs, so some ground rules need to be put into place.

  1. Please, do not go around with all this personal evidence that Jesus was alive or that he was the son of god or whatever. You can talk about it, but don't get all angry when someone thinks Jesus doesn't exist or they don't believe in the same God as you do. News flash: there's a bunch of different religions and most people probably don't believe in the same God as you do.

  2. Even if you don't believe in Santa Clause, please don't ruin the fun for many others who do. It's not very fun when someone ruins a thing that you cherish, especially the day before.

  3. Many other people have different holiday traditions. For instance, Jewish people who celebrate Chanukah light candles every night. And, some Spanish traditions include decorating a log, and singing a song to get presents. Whatever you do, respect others

  4. Lets keep everyone in the holiday cheer by not yelling at people when they talk about the holidays they're celebrating. It really brings down the mood

happy holidays!


I remember a topic saying that the true meaning of christmas was that it was Jesus's birthday




It's great to say what the holidays mean to you, but not everyone is totally respectful about it...


Really well said!! A very great reminder!!


It is, but many atheist families, including myself, celebrate Christmas, but we don't celebrate Jesus or go to church.
I have no problem with people that do, but many people are very sensitive about their religions, so it's best we just don't talk about it that much



I'm in an atheist family too.


I agree!


True, but this all started because of one remark that wasn't really respectful to what I believe. It's one thing to have your own opinion, but it's not nice to say a part of someone else's beliefs just isn't real.

You can have your own opinion, but don't do that.


@codingCupcake123, I said I don't beilieve in Jesus. I'm sorry.

I don't think any comments I made "trashed" your religion.

You said you beilive in god/Jesus. I don't. I don't have to say he's real.

I'm fine if you think he is, but I don't.


It's totally okay to say what you believe, but don't freak out if someone disagrees...


TYSM for posting this senpai!


What is athiesim? Is it a religion?


More so lack of religion

AKA doesnt believe in any sort of god


No, I wasn't talking about you when I said that. Someone else said a few times that Jesus just wasn't real.


Oh ok.

Sorry again if I offended you.

I'm starting to light my menorah right now gtg


Yes, glad you understand. It's not really respectful to say a fundamental person in a religion is "just not real'"



Do u celebrate all holidays because you don't beilive in just one?


I celebrate christmas because I do. I'm probably in a christian country.

I dont celebrate the other holidays since I dont want to offend people


Not exactly sure but they don't believe in Jesus Christ or something related to
that I don't know.


This guy told me Christmas was about Jesus Christ and that it wasn't about Santa and said it's sad that I don't believe in jesus