Relatively Hard Question



Is there anyway to brief coding a 3D world?

Situation: You are standing still In a blank white room with one square infront of you. You can look around and that’s it.

I don’t think it’s easy to explain 3D in a 2D kid coding app.


look at @CreationsOfaNoob’s project

it’s hard but possible


If you are doing this in Hopscotch, I think that the project linked by @DMF (originally made by @CreationsOfaNoob) is one of the most realistic and well-made 3D project boilerplates.


@CreationsOfaNoob 3D tetris when


~3 months depending on when I get the subscription trial. I’ve got an awesome idea for better 3D graphics but that’s a secret until I develop it further.

Also, do you mean Tetris in 3 axes or just normal Tetris but displayed in 3D or something else?


Like Tetris on two axis where you can move around! Just for the demo lol.