ReIntroducing Myself


Hey guys! I am Kinkajou14! My old account was Potter_Head, and my old hopscotch account was LunaStorm/PotterStudios. I haven’t been on the forum in FOREVER, but I’m case any old friends are on here, I am gonna tag some people.



Woah hello


Who are you? How did you become friends with senpai?


I´ve seen you on Hopscotch lots of times and on the forum too! I don´t know if you´ve seen me on here or on Hopscotch before, but hello!
Wait… are you on @KVJ?


I am KVJ. I became frens with senpai @Yusamac205 by talking


Nope lol


See, you are so amazing that Senpai replied on your topic!

sorry to distract you by replying to your post senpai…


I haven’t been on the forum in a year too, before I came back on a few days ago!

Welcome Back!!


I am tankt2016 the boy, and I’m on a different account too!


Hello, welcome back! It has been a while! :smile: If you don’t know, I’m a Hopscotch curator now! Here’s where you can find more information on that: Hopscotch Curators


Of course I remember you!


@thebananaman’s parents dont allow her on the forum anymore


woah hi i remember you!! what’s up?


Awww! I’ll miss her : (