RegulR badge I give up :(


I can't get my regular badge now

who cares

You need to
Be on for 50 days at least (check)
Read 500 topics (check)
Read 20,000 posts.(check)
Not receive many flags. (Not check, I got flags for no reason) that's what stupidd about Flags)

Just forget it I don't need the badge @liza @Rodrigo @Meg


I don't think you need to tag the team... Discourse grants it automatically for you! :D
You can't get it now, you have to earn it over a long period of time!


Was there a reason to create this topic?

I think many people flagged your posts due to them being off-topic. I believe there's a way to revoke flags if you edit the posts to make them not-off-topic? I'll check the Forum rules.


Is that my list? :0 :D.

You can get there!!


It's okay

Honestly I totally hate having the badge right now, and if I could, I would totally give it to you