Regulars disappearing, but why?



Have any of you noticed how a lot of Regulars have turned into Members? I don’t even know why it’s happening. For example, @William04GamerA and @PartTimeFemale used to be in @trust_level_3, but now they’re in @trust_level_2. In case you don’t understand, this means that they have turned from Regulars into Members. This also means that they lost access to the lounge, editing other users’ posts, and recategorizing topics. If anyone knows why various Regulars are disappearing, please tell me!


Regular isn’t permanent, there’s quite a few things that’ll cause you to lose it


Regulars have to meet a certain number of criteria, because the title isn’t permanent (As Mr.rex said). Some people lose it due to inactivity or another thing that doesn’t meet the criteria.


Give me at least three good answers.


There are certain requirements for all trust levels besides leader. Regular is the only one where you can lose it by going below those requirements.

Hope this helps.

  1. Flags
  2. Not being active enough
  3. Not reading / liking enough posts


No wonder so many Regulars are disappearing!


because i dont read enough other topics enough to be considered a higher tier


What do you mean? I don’t understand.


a criteria for regular is to read a fair amount of new topics

I dont do that


You have to be mega active


I had regular, but I lost it. I don’t really now why.


Not really, you tend to stop caring after losing reg twice or thrice.


I’ve lost it a few times as well (inactivity) and honestly IDC about my trust level.


it sucks when topics you yourself make get put in the lounge

other than that it’s whatever


For some reason, that’s exactly what happened to my Ødd-tober chat topic. It wasn’t because of a post that got hidden by community flags.


I lost regular over the summer lols


I try to help people out with that and unlounge a topic they want.


@Cocoa_Viola For me, I am pretty sure that I met all the requirements, but I forgot to like posts… I am working on re-earning Regular though!


The forum has become quiet, that’s partially why.
Most of the old Hopscotchers have gotten, well, old.
It’s kinda sad that lots of the old Hopscotchers are leaving, because they were such good coders…and I’m one of the remaining ones because all the old Hopscotchers were tweens when they started and I was only 8. :expressionless: