Regular... why not?


As most of you should know, I was a Regular as JojoDude and I'm very aware of the requirements.

I have over 10k posts read
I regularly post and like
I've received likes
I've done stuff
I've been active
I haven't even had my account for 100 days but I'm on everyday and I'm on 54 days

Can someone explain this to me?


Why is regular important to you?


That's my life right there pal


I have seen that before


I have never seen that before
Let me watch it hold up

Wait I remember this


I've been working hard for the past couple of months to get my profile back to how it was. As a Regular, I used to be able to hide posts that I flagged. Now, if there's an inappropriate post, I'll switch to my JojoDude account just to hide the post from the community.

For me, it's mostly the ability to hide flagged posts that bugs me. Other than that, the title also shows that I'm an active Forum member and if once again you check my JojoDude account, I am one.


@Anonymous, can we please try not to get this topic flagged before it even starts?


In past 100 days you have to...
visit 50 days
like 30 posts
get 20 likes
get less than 5 flags (inappropriate/spam)
not get suspended
read 25% posts (limit of 20000)
view 25% topics (limit of 500)


You are supposed to have read 20k posts.
And, even though you've been on 54 days, your read time is only 11 hours, which really isn't that much.


You need to read at least 20k posts


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